Alpha’s Physical & Health Education (PHE) Department

The PHE curriculum is built around the high-level concepts and principles that are fundamental to making responsible and informed health and safety decisions. The intention of PHE curriculum is for students to develop deeper understandings of the key concepts of PHE and to be able to transfer that understanding to different situations throughout their lives. Students are encouraged to think critically and make decisions that reflect their interest, aptitudes, and healthy living goals.

News & Upcoming Events

We are happy to see the progress you have all made thus far in PHE this year. Feel free to attend PHE Flex Time every day of the week regardless if you have PHE or not this semester. Simply go on to our Ecole Alpha Secondary School website and sign up for a PHE facility for the day you would like to come. We offer weight room sessions for grades 10-12 and sports for grades 8-12 in our large and small gyms daily! We would love to see you there.