Alpha’s Physical & Health Education (PHE) Department

Ecole Alpha Secondary School has created a robust program for their grade 8-12 student body. We are happy to engage students in the curricular competencies of physical literacy, healthy and active living, social and community health, and mental well-being in grades 8-10 and expand on this knowledge in grades 11 and 12.

Our well-rounded program focuses on encouraging all students by meeting them where they are and exposing them to a variety of sport based, community based, and alternate physical activities. Students can expect to experience sport, guest instructors, skating, swimming, yoga, meditation, hiking, and more. Our main goal is to give students the skills that they need so that they can continue to be physically active outside of school and after graduation. By showing students a variety of physical activity choices, it is our hope that they will feel inspired and empowered to feel healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally while they are with us here at Ecole Alpha Secondary School and beyond.


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